Duped United Nations Read My Plot

Again and again, the United Nations proves to be a group of duped fools and/or evil plotters — to the extent that a couple of my novels appear prophetic. By the UN’s actions a week ago, the plot of The Last Aliyah has moved from “possibility” to “probability.”

With China closing down churches and rounding up Christians by the thousands; Sudanese Arabs terrorizing Christians; Syria attacking its own people with chemical weapons — with all of this happening, the UN chose to respond as usual — by reprimanding Israel for responding to a barrage of bombs from Gaza into Jewish communities.

Anti-Semitism is on the rise everywhere — not just the Arab Middle East. And the overwhelming vote against Israel, with many countries abstaining, proves the point.

Well, The Last Aliyah begins with the United Nations approving Resolution No. 2019-666 which bans Jewish immigration into Israel. No more Jews are allowed to leave America, France, anywhere and move to the Jewish homeland.

The reasoning: because Arabs are allowed to vote in Israel and because of their explosive birth rate, they can eventually take control of the land by sheer population growth — a takeover speeded up if Jewish immigration is outlawed.

In the middle of the night before leaving Washington, DC, for summer vacation, the U.S. Senate bows to the anti-Semitic President’s will — and arm-twisting and political promises — and approves the Resolution.

Voila! A modern-day underground railroad rushes to help Jews escape America — either to emigrate directly to Israel or get to a country (Canada) that has not approved the Resolution.

Here’s the first scene of The Last Aliyah, written during President Barack Obama’s administration when such a scenario seemed more plausible. But, truly, could this happen today? Or under another President’s administration? Anti-Semitism is not only growing in Europe and England but here in America.

The call that changed Nobel laureate Omri Zohn’s life came at that hour whenthe most distasteful acts are perpetrated in Washington, D.C.—when Congressmen can board flights home before the news hits the airwaves.

Omri forced one eye open and squinted to see the phone’s caller ID. 202 area code. His friend, U.S. Senator Joseph Frank. His heart fluttered, or maybe even skipped a beat and he tried to calm a shaking hand as he reached for the phone.

“Omri! It’s Joseph.” The voice boiled with tension, urgency. Zohn sat up in his bed and struggled to open the other eye. He looked at his clock: 2:58 a.m.

“They’ve done it, Omri!” Frank’s hoarse utterance quaked between a rasp and a gasp. “The Senate just approved enforcing the United Nations Resolution.”

A crushing weight settled on his chest. “Oh, my Lord,” rushed in a hushed tone through his lips—more a moan than a statement.

“We Jews are now essentially prisoners in our own countries,” Frank said. “Not allowed to go to Israel or any country that defies the UN Resolution outlawing emigration to the Holy Land. Get your escape plan in motion, now, as I will mine.”

“You said ‘we,’ Joseph. Even youcan’t leave?”

The three-term senator from Florida grunted. “Even I. Beware of men in dark suits at your door. They’ll hold you here.”

Omri shook his head in the dark, then said, “My brother, Ariel, just called me yesterday. He’s got stage-four cancer.”

Joseph groaned.

“Are there no exceptions, Joseph?  Any chance at all that I can get permission to visit him?”

“’fraid not.”

Anguish!Omri gritted his teeth. “Joseph! You know that my son and his wife and child moved to Israel a year ago. You’re saying I can’t see them again, either?”

“Not a chance,” Joseph said, “unless Benjamin and his family come back to America. But if they did, then, of course, they couldn’t be allowed back out of the country. Not unless they’ve obtained their Israeli citizenship already,”

“Not yet.”

Omri flicked on the light of his nightstand and swung his legs off the bed. If the sky was falling, he had to move, get his plans in motion.

“Homeland Security had representatives in the chambers, sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to give the ‘go’ signal to headquarters,” Frank said. “Making it more repulsive is that today is August second, the last day before the six-week summer recess. So my colleagues—the brave sort that they are—are about to vanish into the countryside and avoid any nasty questions.”

Omri chuckled ruefully. “No surprise there.”

A pause, then Frank added, “You realize this begins the curse on America.”

Omri knew the scripture: “I will bless those who bless My people, but those who curse them I shall curse.”

“God speed, my friend!” Joseph said. “Hopefully we’ll meet again in Israel. Shalom.”

The line clicked off.

Omri settled the landline phone in its cradle, like it was a grenade. He peered at his bedside clock. 3:01. Appropriate, he thought, recalling that Psalm 3 verse 1 reads: “O, Lord, how many are my foes! How many rise up against me!”

He spoke softly the seventh and eighth verses: “Arise, O Lord! Deliver me, O my God! Strike all my enemies on the jaw; break the teeth of the wicked. From the Lord comes deliverance. May Your blessing be on Your people.”


You can grab a copy of The Last Aliyah through Amazon.com, elklakepublishinginc.com, barnesandnoble.com, or me personally. A Christmas present for a friend or yourself? Sure!

Author: markalanleslie

Beginning with my first book, "Midnight Rider for the Morning Star," based on the life and times of Francis Asbury, America's first circuit-riding preacher, I have written three historical Christian novels with another one the way in late 2021, four contemporary geopolitical adventures, an end-times thriller, a devotional, a self-help book for people who have lost their jobs, and two books filled with the best of my interviews with numerous icons of the golf world. I have spoken at Maine's State House, conferences, numerous churches, schools and camp meetings as well as national golf conferences from Florida to California. Having won six national writing awards, I am most proud of my novels: Midnight Rider for the Morning Star (2007) True North: Tice's Story (2013) Chasing the Music (2016) The Crossing (2017) The Three Sixes (2017) The Last Aliyah (2018) Jeremiah's Jar (2018) Torn Asunder (2020) A Cause Most Splendid (2021) My e-books include: Putting a Little Spin on It: The Design's the Thing! Putting a Little Spin on It: The Grooming's the Thing! Fired? Get Fired Up! Walks with God Join me on my web site: www.markalanleslie.com

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