A Torn Asunder Sampling

Baby No. 12 has been born.

Torn Asunder — an End Times novel portending a future of One World Government, One World Religion, One World Court and other wonderful prophetic Isaiah-and Revelation-isms — has hit the bookshelves of America.

And in this world gone berserk, guess who the heroes are.

No, really. Guess.

Forget it, you’ll never guess. Put aside such a silly endeavor and jump right in.

You see, Torn Asunder’s heroes — Jake MacMillan (gotta have a good Scotsman, right?), Darek (gotta have a hero named after a son, no?) Field and Jillian Down (gotta have a lovely and smart and talented heroine, no question) — are all on the staff of Truth Publishing and Broadcasting. Actually, Jake owns the media empire. And, boy, does he tick off the powers that be.

Politically correct? Nah.

Toeing the line? Fah-get-about-it.

Come along and read Torn Asunder’s prologue. Maybe these few paragraphs will entice you to fill your Social Distancing/Self-Isolating days with an action/thriller that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat and cheering on the “good guys.”



The first indication the world we know was about to end eluded the world’s most alert seismologists. In the earth’s upper and lower crusts, where massive tectonic plates slide across one another, their jagged edges sometimes catching and grinding, a mild movement caused the earth above to quake.

As people slept in Japan, the massive Ring of Fire plate shifted ever so slightly over its entire breadth from the Pacific Rim to Chile to New Zealand. That shift caused just a burp in the seismograph charts.

The second clue might have forewarned a veteran of seismic monitoring.

As Starbucks-infused Seattleites hurried to work early to beat the morning rush, the small Juan de Fuca tectonic plate off the coast of Washington and Oregon suddenly plunged obliquely beneath the North America plate. A cough erupted on seismometers.

The third signal? As soccer players in Liverpool, England, practiced in the late-afternoon sun, the Eurasian plate nosedived below the eastern edge of the North American plate. At that point even sleepy-eyed scientists jerked awake with a jolt.

In places little known for earthquakes, something ominous, something dreadful was about to tear apart the earth. By now, time had run out for seismologists to warn the masses. Some called home to warn their families. But escape the carnage? That was another matter.



Author: markalanleslie

Beginning with my first book, "Midnight Rider for the Morning Star," based on the life and times of Francis Asbury, America's first circuit-riding preacher, I have written three historical Christian novels with another one the way in late 2021, four contemporary geopolitical adventures, an end-times thriller, a devotional, a self-help book for people who have lost their jobs, and two books filled with the best of my interviews with numerous icons of the golf world. I have spoken at Maine's State House, conferences, numerous churches, schools and camp meetings as well as national golf conferences from Florida to California. Having won six national writing awards, I am most proud of my novels: Midnight Rider for the Morning Star (2007) True North: Tice's Story (2013) Chasing the Music (2016) The Crossing (2017) The Three Sixes (2017) The Last Aliyah (2018) Jeremiah's Jar (2018) Torn Asunder (2020) A Cause Most Splendid (2021) My e-books include: Putting a Little Spin on It: The Design's the Thing! Putting a Little Spin on It: The Grooming's the Thing! Fired? Get Fired Up! Walks with God Join me on my web site: www.markalanleslie.com

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