Yet One More Story Torn from the Pages of My Novel, Torn Asunder

The House of One is a religious structure being built in Berlin. It will be the world’s first house of prayer for three religions, containing a church, a synagogue, and a mosque. It is situated in Fischerinsel, on the site where St. Peter’s, the first church in Berlin, once stood. 

In Torn Asunder, published last year, besides a One World Government and a Global Judicial Court, a Church Universal is created.

Discussing their planned feature article on the Church Universal, my Truth Publishing folks have this discussion:

Jake (the managing editor) said, “Meanwhile, humans have experienced exhilarating heights, tumultuous times, victories, defeats, deceptions of great magnitude. I believe we’ve entered a dangerous age, and Church Universal is a signpost.”

“It sounds so good,” Darek said, reading Church Universal’s mission statement: “‘Our deepest yearnings are to live in a safe and peaceful world that reflects divine love for every being; a world where people honor and respect one another, help the needy, and are caretakers of the earth and all its life; a world where religion no longer leads to hatred and violence but to dialogue, the celebration of diversity, and cooperative action for global good.’”

On the story in Jerusalem my heroes Darek and Jillian and colleague Ty drove by the Knesset, where Israel’s Parliament met, and passed the Bible Lands Museum and Science Museum to the brand spanking new headquarters of the Church Universal.

Their interview with Church Universal General Secretary Howard Alphonse Bliss, begins like this:

“Why create Church Universal in the first place?” Darek asked.

“Centuries of disharmony,” Bliss said slowly, sounding hurt by the thought. “Millennia, actually.” Then with a perky cadence, “Enough is enough. A major barrier between religions is that each has thought, ‘I’m right. Everyone else is wrong.’ This is an old trick of Satan we first read about in the Garden of Eden. And killing each other in the name of God and ‘what we think is right’ is absurd. I’m sure our Maker would have none of this. 

“And we found there were a number of us—from all religions—who felt the same way. Peace is a universal word, a universal concept, and, we think, the basis for a universal religion.”

“But,” Ty said, “how do you get around the fact these various religions have, for millennia, worshipped very different gods?”

“Whatever gods they’ve worshipped are enshrouded in myths, fairy tales, and stories written by men and, thus, with man’s errors,” Bliss said. “We feel we can’t truly know God, or the gods if there are more than one, because our minds are so limited compared to the great Mind that created the universe. And if we can’t know him, how can we define him? It’s best, we feel, to simply agree on the concept. There is a God, or gods, and he or she or they want peace for mankind.”

Jillian sat forward. “How do you marry this concept with the Muslims’ Allah ordering the destruction of people of all other religions unless they relent and worship him?”

“I don’t have to reconcile anything,” Bliss said. “I don’t have to resolve anything to which any of the religions lays claim. Truly, I don’t care to debate any point of any religion. My belief—and, yes, my life—are based solely on the idea of peaceful co-existence. A loving God would want nothing less.”

“What of Jesus’s remark,” Jillian interjected, “that ‘no one can get to the Father except through him’?”

Bliss shook his head slowly. “As I said, I care not to debate any particular scripture of any religion. What we’ve created here is a universal concept, one all mankind can believe in and follow without any of the trappings of existing belief systems.”

Darek and Jillian’s colleague Ty raised a finger. “I’m reminded of the old saying, ‘If you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything.’ The leaders of Church Universal are mere men. So how do you expect Christians and Jews to turn away from the teachings they believe came from the mouth of God—or Muslims, Hindus, and others who believe in their gods?”

“Mere men, yes. But, we believe, men who are ordained and anointed by God to the task at hand,” Bliss said. “To your point, we believe in unity in cause even if there is not total unity in faith. Unity in cause is central to our duty as the Church Universal. And, again, our cause is peace. Ask any Christian if they want peace. Ask any Muslim.”

“The Muslim might answer ‘yes’ with their lips while firing a bullet into a Jew with the rifle in their hand,” Darek said. 

Throughout the interview Bliss is slippery as slime — a politician of the highest order. And this, too, is something we can expect in the not-too-distant future.

You can grab a copy of Torn Asunder through Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Elk Lake Publishing, or be contacting me for a personal, signed copy.

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